Preserving jar rubber seal (as a lamb ID collar)

French tips and tricks

This trick has already been implemented in several farms and aims at identifying a lamb temporarily without the use of marker sprays, which may persist for too long. This trick uses preserving jars rubber seals that can be easily put on and removed from the lamb’s neck. Any useful information can be noted on the rubber seal with a permanent marker. This trick can be used to identify lambs that have been removed from their mother before having an ear tag put on (weak lambs that need to be placed in a warming box, foster lambs…), or lambs that need any specific care. For instance for lambs that need a medical treatment, any information regarding the drugs, dose and regimen can be written on it. Rubber seals can also help to spot artificially reared lambs that do not manage to suck on their own.
The rubber seal is then removed once the lamb does not require any further particular attention.

Rubber seals for preserving jars are available in every supermarket, with best size 85-90 mm in diameter. Moreover, they are reusable, and can be easily disinfected in boiled water.

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