Blackboard for lambing pens

French tips and tricks

This tip is used exclusively at lambing time. It is used as a reminder, especially when the size of the mob is important or when there are different persons working on the same farm to relay the information. With a piece of chalk (that must stay in your pocket), you write down all the things that can be useful.
For example when :

  • -a lamb needs asistance to drink because the ewe has got big teats or a bad udder
  • -a lamb needs a bottle of colostrum because the ewe has no milk
  •  a lamb or a ewe has got a treatment to do again in the coming days.
  •  a lamb can’t go out of the lambing pen yet because he is too small or not strong enough

All those informations are likely to decrease the lamb mortality rate. On top of each lambing pen, a board is painted with blackboard paint. This paint is easy to find in every DIY shop and will last for a long time. This paint also resistant to the washing with a power hose.
When the ewe is out of the lambing pen, you can easily remove the inscription with a handful of straw wetted in the water trough. The blackboard is ready again for the next ewe to enter the lambing pen.

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