Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), United Kingdom


SRUC is the UK’s leading Research, Education and Consultancy providing organization specializing in services for the land-based industries both nationally and internationally. As a large, and multi- disciplinary organization, SRUC has a concentration of skills and resources that are unrivalled in the UK, throughout Europe and further afield. SRUC’s aim is to create, develop and apply knowledge, skills and understanding to enhance the sustainability of rural areas and communities and the viability of the industries on which they depend. Its approximately 1500 staff provide research, education and consultancy services to small and medium-sized enterprises, corporate clients, local and regional authorities as well as government agencies and departments. Within the context of this project, SRUC has well-established policy-led research themes in animal behavior and welfare, farm management, animal development, genetics for health, production and welfare traits, including a programme of work on lamb mortality for more than 20 years. SRUC places a high priority on knowledge transfer and has a close working relationship with the farming industry, particularly through SAC Consulting which provides a range of services to our clients, including specialist sheep advice and veterinary services. SAC Consulting (which is not a legal entity) is a department within SRUC. SRUC staff have extensive experience of successful involvement with and management of European Framework and Horizon 2020 projects.


SRUC also has a number of research farms across Scotland, including the Hill and Mountain Research Centre in the western Highlands, and the Beef and Sheep Research Centre in Midlothian, which provide demonstration resources of relevance to this project. SRUC also has a network of local consulting offices providing direct contact and advice to farmers, as well as a network of veterinary diagnostic laboratories and offices providing health and post-mortem facilities across Scotland and the North of England. In its research work SRUC has a number of specialist services and technical abilities including a dedicated Computed Tomography scanner used by researchers and industry, expertise in video and other data collection, analysis and demonstration and a research laboratory specializing in non-invasive measurement of biomarkers. SRUC also provides a range of farmer-focused communications, including the Farms and Rural Businesses Newsletter, Sheep and Beef Notes and regular columns in the regional and national press.

Prof. Cathy Dwyer