A barrier to prevent lambs from jumping in the trough

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With this simple and inexpensive device to put in place, lambs no longer have access to the feeder. On farms, lambs often cross the feeding fence, sometimes as early as at 15 days of age. As a consequence, fodder gets dirty, lambs run in front of tractors distributing food and do not always go back their initial pen, which can create below-average performances or may lead to mortality.
The construction made by this farmer is aesthetic, quiet and particularly effective. It is inexpensive: 1.5 € per place on the feeder, not counting labour. The sheep lifts up the tube to have access to food. Even at the end of lactation, lambs do not pass through without having cleaned the pen.
The plans for building this device are attached to the file as well as several videos.
This equipment obtained the first prize at the “Berger Futé” (clever shepherd) contest at TechOvin 2017.

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