Réseaux Innovants

Nom du Réseau: Better Farm Sheep Programme
Emplacement: Ireland
Production Ovine: Meat
Site Web: https://www.teagasc.ie/animals/sheep/better-farm-sheep/
Description: To establish focal points for the on-farm implementation, development and evaluation of technology that is relevant to the sheep sector.
The programmes implemented on the collaborating farms will be used to support the wider adoption of: Grassland management, Breeding, Production methods, in the context of an agreed plan. that can enhance the sustainability of sheep enterprises.
The central concept is that the programme is built upon active collaboration between the farmer and Teagasc Research and Advisory staff in the application and development of appropriate technology. A very close linkage with discussion groups and other advisory initiatives is an integral part of the process and this will revolve around the farmer sharing experiences and performance results with visiting groups.

Nom du Réseau​​​​​​​: Asociatia Judeteana de Ovine si Caprine OvisBanatim
Emplacement​​​​​​​: Romania
Production Ovine​​​​​​​: Meat, diary
Site Web​​​​​​​: http://www.pirinnovi.eu
Description: Sheep Breeders Association, NGO

Nom du Réseau​​​​​​​: KTIF Live Lambs
Emplacement​​​​​​​: UK
Production Ovine​​​​​​​: Meat
Description: Identify and remove some of the constraints to sheep farmers maximising net margin per hectare.  QMS sheep enterprise data shows that the number of lambs reared is the main difference between top and bottom third performers and this project is focussed on identifying and overcoming constraints to imrproving lamb survival.  Success will be measured in terms of the value of extra lambs produced from the same number of ewes and the impact this has on both farm and supply chain profitability and viability.

Nom du Réseau​​​​​​​: Maternal Sheep Group
Emplacement​​​​​​​: UK
Production Ovine​​​​​​​: Meat
Site Web​​​​​​​: http://www.maternalsheep.co.uk/
Description: To to use performance recording to achieve genetic improvements in member’s maternal sheep flocks through working together with group members and others to improve farm profits.

Nom du Réseau​​​​​​​: SAC Sheep Group for Forward Thinking Farmers
Emplacement​​​​​​​: UK
Production Ovine​​​​​​​: Meat
Description: To increase efficiency in the members sheep enterprises, therfore improving margins.  Through sharing experiences, labour saving through genetics and breeds, using behaviour and nutrition to boost lambing %.

Nom du Réseau​​​​​​​: Cotswold Sheep Group
Emplacement​​​​​​​: UK
Production Ovine​​​​​​​: Meat
Description: To improve farm efficiency using a discussion group approach. Based in the Cotswolds, England, the group discuss geographically relevant practises and utilise expert speakers to cover nutrition, health and genetics.